Improve Your Garden With Mulching

Learn about our mulching services today

You try to plant a garden every year but it never works out. Your flowers wilt and the vegetables don't grow as the packaging suggests. Believe it or not, but the issue could be your soil. Durant Lawn Care offers mulching services to boost the quality of your soil.

Our mulching will improve your soil's health and help it retain moisture. You can look to us to help you grow a healthy garden. Contact us at 315-525-4141 to schedule our mulching services today.

We'll mulch wherever you need

We'll mulch wherever you need

Our team will deliver the mulch to your home and spread it for you. You can count on us to mulch around:

  • Your trees
  • Your house
  • Your flower beds

Mulching can protect your garden from erosion and prevent damage from machines like lawnmowers. Call now to get a free estimate on our mulching services.